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March 2020 Archives

You may want to consider suing your online gambling app

Several lawsuits have been filed against several free online mobile casino game companies in recent weeks. The plaintiffs in many of these class-action lawsuits argue that these companies' marketing tactics prey upon individuals who are struggling with gambling additions.

What types of religious accommodations should your employer make?

Most every worker in the United States is entitled to protections in the workplace under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. One right employees are entitled to are accommodations for their religious practices or beliefs. The way religion is defined and what's considered as reasonable religious accommodations may surprise you.

Protecting your rights while working from home

Many workers in traditional office settings have suddenly begun working from home, or may work from home soon. The ability to work from home is fortunate, and in times of uncertainty it is not something to take for granted. As working from home continues to expand into new industries, it is important to remember that employees' rights do not disappear simply because an employee is not physically in an office.

What exactly constitutes a hostile work environment?

If your boss isn't very good at handling rejection and he lashes out on you verbally every time something goes wrong then you may think that your work in a toxic workplace. You may even wonder if your workplace would meet the legal definition of a hostile work environment. It might.

State lawmakers take a stand against coronavirus scammers

It seems that this coronavirus crisis has brought out the worse in some people. This is what prompted California's Attorney General (AG) to file suit against some face mask distributors in the past few days. In his filing, he alleged that these individuals are preying upon the vulnerabilities of unsuspecting consumers by charging excessive prices for medical supplies like these. Laws that prohibit price gauging exist in California and here in West Virginia.

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