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What happens when you are injured or harmed by an unsafe product?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Consumer Protection

Unsafe products sent out to retail establishments can cause serious illness and injury. Historically, there have been issues ranging from contaminated medications to defective vehicle components that have put consumers at risk affecting the public at any given time. The average person expects that government regulations and business practices will prevent them from encountering dangerous products. The reality is that consumers often have to get hurt before companies realize that their products are not safe.

Someone who is injured or otherwise harmed by a defective product could incur major expenses. They might have medical expenses to cover and could lose out on income if they are unable to work. Defective products can also cause property damage, including car crashes and house fires. What happens when consumers struggle with massive costs generated by dangerous or defective products?

Manufacturers are often liable

Businesses are responsible for the products that they release to the public. They should generally engage in proper testing to ensure that the design is safe and maintain rigorous standards for the materials they use and the finished products that they ship to consumers. Cutting corners when testing products, sourcing materials or designing new products can lead to preventable consumer injuries.

When manufacturers are aware that there is an issue with one of their products, they will often address the matter by initiating a recall. Recalls may require that consumers return defective goods. Other times, the recall may involve taking the item to a specific location for repairs or replacement.

Recalls are often very expensive to coordinate, and businesses may not invest enough in the recall process. Consumers may not be aware of the ongoing recall and might continue using unsafe products because the company failed to communicate with known product owners or the media. Even when there is a recall underway, it is still sometimes possible for those hurt by defective products to pursue a product liability lawsuit.

Those with verifiable losses relating to injury or property damage can sometimes pursue compensation in the civil courts. Manufacturers often carry special insurance to cover the cost of recalls and also product defect lawsuits. With the right support and evidence, consumers hurt by dangerous or defective products can sometimes obtain compensation for the losses generated by a company’s poor business practices.

Understanding that companies may potentially be held accountable for the products they release can help to inspire people to demand justice after consumer goods leave them injured.

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