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March 2019 Archives

How do I know if my vehicle was involved in a recall?

There are many reasons you may have missed a recall notice. Perhaps you have recently moved to West Virginia from out of state and still get your mail elsewhere, for example. Luckily, it is quite easy to determine whether your vehicle has been involved in an official recall notice.

Understanding the legal obligation to accept returns

Consumers in Charleston likely maintain confidence in the wisdom of their purchases based upon the notion that if they are not happy with the products they buy, they can always return them. Most might assume that retailers are bound by law to take back products that customers are unsatisfied with. Yet at the same time, merchandise returns cost retailers billions every year ($369 in 2018 alone, according to Thus, lawmakers must walk the delicate line between protecting consumers' rights while not inhibiting the success of local businesses. 

How can you tell if your employer is retaliating against you?

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to workplace misconduct and exercise your rights as an employee. After filing a complaint or participating in an investigation of a complaint, you hope the unfair treatment will stop. However, the misconduct might get worse after a complaint if it leads to employer retaliation. 

What should I know before getting my first credit card?

When used responsibly, a credit card can be a welcomed addition to your financial history. You should understand a few key factors before applying for your first credit card however, both to ensure you’re making the right decision and to also make sure your rights are protected. In this case, The Balance offers the following advice to first-time applicants.

Car manufacturers recall 74 percent more vehicles than they sell

In 2018, Forbes reported that automotive recalls had hit a four-year low for 2017. However, it also added that automotive recalls totaled 30.7 million units, compared to total sales of 17.6 million new vehicles. These figures may cause many drivers in West Virginia to reconsider the safety of their vehicles.

A fine line between business needs and discrimination

All throughout the south and including in West Virginia, Walmart has long been a popular brand and store for area residents. One of the hallmarks of Walmart has been that it has provided many great employment opportunities for people at all levels. The strong employment history of Walmart includes providing ample jobs for people with disabilities. This, however, may be set to change and is causing some serious controversy for the mega-retailer.

EEOC charges W.Va. staffing agencies with abuse, discrimination

Federal laws such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act are in place to ensure that all American workers have the opportunity to work in a safe, humane environment for a fair wage. The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission recently brought a lawsuit against four West Virginia-based staffing agencies, accusing them violating these federal regulations by subjecting Latino workers that they recruited to work in an Alabama poultry processing plant to abusive and discriminatory treatment.

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