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April 2018 Archives

Do mechanics really overcharge women?

There is a perception or stereotype as the case may be, that mechanics tend to overcharge women because many typically don’t know or understand as much about cars as the average man. In America’s male-dominated car culture, it could very well be true for some vehicle repair garages. If you are a woman, there are several things you can do to help level the playing field when you are in the market for a mechanic.

Protecting consumer rights

There can be times when consumers in West Virginia may feel like they don't matter to companies. Whether it be poor customer service or unethical practices, the individual consumer may all too often be left wondering what they can do to protect themselves in the face of businesses big and small. When this happens, people will realize the importance of having documentation like keeping receipts.

Spotting car sales fraud

For a large majority of West Virginians, vehicles are an essential part of everyday life. A reliable, efficient ride is part of that equation. Discovering that fraud has occurred during a purchase can certainly make for a frustrating experience, but when it comes to such dishonest transactions, the law protects consumers. Below are some automobile buying smarts that can help buyers avoid those difficult situations.

What are common FMLA violations?

Companies in West Virginia that fit criteria for complying with the Federal Medical Leave Act must offer the benefits to any eligible employee. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, if you have worked for your employer for at least 12 months and have put in a minimum of 1,250 hours over the last year, you are likely eligible. Unfortunately, FMLA violations are not uncommon in the workplace. Here are a few common violations that you should have on your radar when you apply for leave.

Female employees continue to fight against sex discrimination

The premiere of the ABC drama “Station 19” is another example of art imitation life in America. Indeed, a growing number of firefighting units are being headed by women. But while women are making advances in a male-dominated industry, discrimination still exists.

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