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August 2018 Archives

Reviewing third party resolution process requirements

Buying a car in Charleston is not just any other purchase; given the money spent and the amount one typically relies on his or her personal vehicle to complete his or her daily routine, it is a transaction for which one requires certain consumer protections. The state's Lemon Law does allow for legal recourse when one cannot get a car dealer to honor its promises, yet is it something that should be cited every time an issue arises with his or her vehicle? On the contrary, one cannot seek action under the Lemon Law unless certain steps have been taken. 

What protections does West Virginia provide to whistle blowers?

One of the most difficult decisions you may ever have to face is turning your employer in for violations of legal or industry standards to the appropriate authority in Charleston. Your hesitancy may not even come from a question of the legitimacy of your claim, but rather the fear that doing so could cost you your job (if it were discovered that you were the one to blow the whistle). Yet authorities want to know when companies are acting inappropriately, and they realize that the best way to discover violations is to learn of them from the employees themselves. Thus, laws have been enacted to protect you when you do report violations made by your employer. 

Are you facing age discrimination at work?

Because so many workers are complaining they are victims of age discrimination at work, there is now a phrase used to identify their struggle: the gray ceiling. If you have never heard the term before it may be because you have not reached the age of 40 yet. The gray ceiling is used to describe how older workers or job seekers face discrimination because of their age.

Federal government target of class action lawsuit

Most in Charleston might assume that large corporations are the typical targets of class action lawsuits. This may be reasonable, given that class actions require that a number of potential plaintiffs have a common complaint, and in order to affect a large number of people, whatever entity becomes the target of such litigation would likely have a large footprint. At the same time, many might not guess that the federal government would end up facing a class action, despite the fact that in terms of size, it may be perhaps the largest organization in the country. 

What is false advertising?

P.T. Barnum is often attributed with saying "there's a sucker born every minute" in reference to his selling an illusion of fact and intrigue despite neither of those elements actually existing in his product. While such a statement might be seen as being harmless in the whimsical world or entertainment, it is certainly considered to be so in business. The Charleston businesses and companies advertising their goods and services to you are expected to supply what they promise. If you engage in (or attempt to engage in) a transaction based on an advertised promise yet the expectation inferred in an advertisement is not met, are you then the victim of false advertising

Your responsibilities as a class representative

The supposed strength in numbers that comes from being involved in a class action lawsuit may be one of the primary reasons why you choose to become involved in such litigation. Yet you can quickly go right back to feeling all alone in your struggle if you are asked to be a class representative. Many of those placed in such a situation come to us here at The Grubb Law Group feeling woefully unequal to the task. With the right amount of planning and preparation, however, you can successfully serve the best interests of your fellow class members. 

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