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January 2020 Archives

2 students teach West Virginia lawmakers about vaping dangers

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) recently reported that the number of high schoolers who vape in the state has increased by 150% over the past three years. This announcement comes at a time when government officials are busy investigating the health dangers associated with vaping or e-cigarette devices.

Grounds on which West Virginia employers can't fire their workers

West Virginia is an at-will employment state. This is generally taken to mean that most employers aren't under any contractual obligation to their workers. Most companies think that this gives them the ability to let their employees go anytime without providing any valid reason for doing so. Employers are limited in their ability to terminate an employee in certain instances by state and federal laws though.

Class-action lawsuits can help you seek smaller damages

When many different people experience the same issue with a person or company, they can join together to file either a class-action lawsuit or a mass tort against the party responsible for their injuries or losses. Many people feel skeptical about class-action lawsuits, in part because joining one involves waving your individual rights.

Don't let car repairs deplete your finances

A federal jury ruled against the automobile manufacturer Ford in favor of the plaintiffs for the second time in recent months in late December. They decided that the automaking giant should have to pay the maximum penalties to victims for intentionally violating consumer protection laws when they rendered their decisions in both cases.

Hold parties accountable for engaging in deceptive advertising

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a certain standard that they refer to as "Truth in Advertising" that all marketing campaigns must adhere to. It doesn't matter what format marketing efforts come in either. Federal law requires all advertising efforts to be truthful and never deceptive.

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