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July 2018 Archives

Common car dealer scams

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new vehicle in West Virginia, you’re likely concerned about being fooled by a smooth-talking car salesman. It’s true that car dealerships utilize a lot of tricks intended to get consumers to pay more for a vehicle than it’s actually worth, or agree to costs that aren't full warranted. In order to avoid falling prey to these tricks, offers the following guidance.

Balancing work with parenthood in West Virginia

Family is vital to the community of Charleston. For younger couples looking to start a family or have more kids, it can be challenging to manage demands at work with demands of the family. According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, many parents feel guilty for missing out on their jobs to take parental leave, but they also feel guilty for leaving infants at daycare while they go back to work in a few weeks. What is a parent to do?

What are some examples of harassment?

West Virginia workplaces must be a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. However, harassment unfortunately still occurs, and problematic behaviors can be sexual or non-sexual in nature. In order to prevent an uncomfortable or hostile working environment, both employees as well as supervisors must know what harassment entails. offers the following information.

When detective work fails to turn up bad auto history

The West Virginia lemon law, a type of consumer protection specific to the auto industry, exists to hold manufacturers responsible for the warranties they issue. The concept is that, with these protections in place, the cars you buy are more likely to be free of major defects. However, from our work with this area of the law at the Grubb Law Group, we know that our clients are more likely to be concerned with getting back on the road than they are with high ideals of consumer rights. 

What are the different recall categories?

Every time you buy food from your local grocery store or pick up a prescription medication from your pharmacist in Charleston, you do so assuming that the products you are purchasing are completely safe for use and consumption. When defective or dangerous products are identified, you likely sleep soundly knowing that regulatory agencies are out there to recall said products. Yet when news is released regarding product recalls, it often designates a recall classification. What do those classifications mean, and should they serve as an indication as to the urgency of the recall? 

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