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Common car dealer scams

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2018 | Lemon Law

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new vehicle in West Virginia, you’re likely concerned about being fooled by a smooth-talking car salesman. It’s true that car dealerships utilize a lot of tricks intended to get consumers to pay more for a vehicle than it’s actually worth, or agree to costs that aren’t full warranted. In order to avoid falling prey to these tricks, offers the following guidance.

False Advertising

You may be wooed into a dealership by a fantastic ad promising a vehicle for a bargain. In some cases, these ads are placed only to entice customers, who arrive to find out it’s no longer available and are offered a more expensive selection in its place. The idea is that once a consumer has decided to buy a vehicle they’re less likely to leave the car lot empty-handed. If you see a deal that looks too good to be true, be sure to contact the dealership to confirm its availability before stopping by.

Unclear Window Displays

The advertising displays posted on cars at the dealership often contain misleading information regarding price. For instance, costs marked ADP stand for additional dealer profit. These are fabricated costs that are made up by the dealer to increase their take. Be sure to read window stickers carefully an ask about any charges that seem unclear.

Financing Scams

Some dealers will even take advantage of a buyer’s spotty credit history. If the car is being financed at the dealership, the salesperson will claim the financing has been approved only to notify them days later that it’s no longer available and they need to secure another option (usually at a higher rate). You can avoid this by getting financing from another lender instead of the dealership, who is more likely to provide fair terms.

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