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When detective work fails to turn up bad auto history

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Lemon Law

The West Virginia lemon law, a type of consumer protection specific to the auto industry, exists to hold manufacturers responsible for the warranties they issue. The concept is that, with these protections in place, the cars you buy are more likely to be free of major defects. However, from our work with this area of the law at the Grubb Law Group, we know that our clients are more likely to be concerned with getting back on the road than they are with high ideals of consumer rights. 

Although we always attempt to quickly and efficiently resolve lemon law cases, we would prefer that our clients never had to go through the process at all. One major step that many people overlook during the buying process is the history check. US News has an explanation of what these history reports include, as well as a discussion of potential red flags.

There some potential obstacles to obtaining all of the information you need about a car. Auto dealers could complicate the investigation process by willingly obfuscating the facts of your vehicle’s history. Of course, this action could potentially result in harsh penalties for fraudulent auto sales. Therefore, there would probably still be options available to recover your loss if you were unlucky enough to have struck a deal with an unscrupulous individual or organization.

Our clients are often surprised at the extent to which they are protected under the lemon law in our state. To learn more, please continue to our main legal website.

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