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Protecting consumer rights

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2018 | Consumer Protection

There can be times when consumers in West Virginia may feel like they don’t matter to companies. Whether it be poor customer service or unethical practices, the individual consumer may all too often be left wondering what they can do to protect themselves in the face of businesses big and small. When this happens, people will realize the importance of having documentation like keeping receipts.

The federal government at its website,, indicates that there are multiple steps people should or could take when they feel their rights as consumers may have been violated. In today’s electronic world many people decline taking receipts when making purchases but this is very unwise. Documentation such as receipts, order confirmations or contracts can be very helpful if there eventually becomes a need to initiate a complaint against a particular entity.

Also important is evidence showing the consumer’s attempt to resolve the matter directly with the company or organization involved. If these attempts do not lead to a successful resolution, a good next step is to reach out to consumer protection organizations like the Better Business Bureau for help advocating on their behalf.

The United States Federal Trade Commission also has a Bureau of Consumer Protection via which consumers may initiate complaints against organizations. The information gathered by this office may be shared with different law enforcement entities to advance any investigations they may be conducting. Contacting an attorney is another option for consumers who have exhausted all other possibilities and have still be unable to receive fair treatment.



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