Protecting your rights while working from home

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Many workers in traditional office settings have suddenly begun working from home, or may work from home soon. The ability to work from home is fortunate, and in times of uncertainty it is not something to take for granted. As working from home continues to expand into new industries, it is important to remember that employees’ rights do not disappear simply because an employee is not physically in an office.

In the upcoming weeks and months, many employees may realize that their employers do not compensate them fairly for the work that they do at home, or they may suffer other violations to their rights. With many industries suddenly shifting course in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, some employers may attempt to fire employees for false reasons, simply to protect their own budgets. These are only some of the difficult challenges that employees moving to a work-from-home environment face.

If you or someone you love works from home and suspects an employer of unfair practices, you may have grounds to file a claim. The claims process is not simple, so it is important to use strong legal tools and guidance along the way, to keep you rights and priorities secure.

Working off the clock

Work-life balance is difficult for nearly everyone, and working from home produces some interesting challenges. While it is nice to skip the commute and wear sweatpants, the tradeoff is that it is difficult for employees to leave work at work.

This only gets worse when employers place illegal expectations on employees, such as having them complete certain work-related tasks off-the-clock. For companies transitioning employees to work from home, it may take some time to get things rolling smoothly, and some hiccups are to be expected. However, employers are still held to standards in times of transition, and standing up for employees’ rights is important for all employees.

If you believe that your employer miscalculates your pay or violates your rights in some other way, be sure to document this carefully. The more evidence of employer misconduct that you collect, the stronger you can build your claim.

When is the right time to act?

Deciding when to pursue legal action against an employer is often difficult. However, it is always in your advantage to document your employer’s misconduct discreetly so that you can assess the circumstances wisely.

If you have not begun building your claim, now is the time to do so. With a strong strategy and an understanding of the laws that protect you, you can build a claim that seeks fair compensation for your unfair treatment while keeping your rights secure.

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