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Benefits of a class action lawsuit

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Class Actions

If you have suffered an injury because of a design flaw in a product, you are probably not the only one who had that experience. In fact, faulty products often harm many people before the manufacturer is willing to issue a recall. At The Grubb Law Group, we often provide legal services to groups of people who have sustained similar damages because of a single company’s negligence.

FindLaw explains that although you may worry that filing a lawsuit along with a number of other people may lower the settlement you receive, the opposite may be true. Rather than shouldering the cost of attorney fees, court costs and other expenses related to litigation, you share these with others. If the potential settlement is not much more than the cost of the lawsuit, you may not have had reason to hold the company accountable for the damages it caused. However, by combining your case with others, the expenses of the process become much lower.

Another benefit of combining a case involving minimal damages with others who suffered similarly is that you do not have to worry about representing yourself in small claims court. Instead, you can take advantage of the skills of a class action attorney who has knowledge and experience specific to this type of case and is much more likely to achieve fair compensation.

Crowded dockets and a lengthy court battle could stretch the time your lawsuit takes from weeks to months, and in extreme cases, years. Rather than adding many cases to the docket, you and your fellow plaintiffs reduce the number to one and increase the chances that you will receive your settlement in a reasonable amount of time. More information about product liability issues that may lead to a class action is available on our webpage.

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