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Recalled cars may also be lemons

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Lemon Law

As expensive as cars are, you’d assume that it would undergo rigorous testing before it’s rolled off the assembly line and into your dealer’s lot. This seldom happens though. Some manufacturing defects are widespread and affect a large number of cars. Others simply impact only a small handful of them. It’s common for motorists to waste a lot of time and money getting their cars repaired. If they do so for a prolonged time and it still doesn’t resolve the problem with it, then they may have a lemon car on their hands.

There have been many notable manufacturing defects with cars that have left vehicle owners hurt, with costly repair bills and having wasted a lot of time for nothing.

The Ford Pinto and Mercury Bobcat were both recalled back in the 1970s. Many motorists experienced problems requiring repeated servicing of their vehicles at the time. As many as 180 car owners lost their lives because mechanics were unable to identify the source of their car’s exploding gas tank problems.

As many as 100 motorists died in 1981 before Ford ultimately identified and recalled one of its vehicles for a defect that caused its gear shaft to move from park to reverse without the driver doing anything.

General Motors took their time to identify a failed ignition switch problem in nearly 3 million of its vehicles in 2017. As many as 124 people died before mechanics ultimately identified the problem with their vehicles.

Many Toyota owners took their 2009 cars back to the dealership that year in hopes of determining why their cars suddenly accelerated without them stepping on any pedals. At least 90 motorists died before the at least 8 million vehicles were properly recalled and repaired.

Many individuals who buy new cars do so because they don’t want to have the headache of dealing with repairs. Many buyers here in West Virginia have the misfortune of purchasing cars that don’t function as they should have though. If you find yourself traveling back-and-forth to the mechanic with your new car with no resolution, then an attorney here in Charleston can help you recover reimbursement for your vehicle.

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