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Don’t Get Run Over By Deceptive Auto Sales

Auto dealer fraud in West Virginia can take any of several forms, from selling previously damaged vehicles without disclosing the vehicle’s history to bait-and-switch sales tactics. In most auto dealer fraud cases, consumers end up with vehicles that hold hidden problems that can result in costly repairs or worse, serious accidents because of undisclosed defects or inadequate maintenance.

Despite the presence of state laws prohibiting deceptive auto sales practices, some auto dealers in West Virginia turn a blind eye to the law, oftentimes taking advantage of consumers’ trust in order to peddle unsound vehicles. Consumers who believe they were sold a vehicle through deceptive or fraudulent sales practices can take legal action with help from the compassionate and skilled attorneys at The Grubb Law Group.

If you’ve been sold a car or other vehicle in an unfair, deceptive or misleading manner in West Virginia, contact The Grubb Law Group. We take consumer protection very seriously and have a track record of success fighting for justice in auto sales fraud cases. Contact us to discuss your legal options and ability to seek compensation.

Understanding Car Dealer Fraud In West Virginia

All auto sales in this state have an implied warranty that the car will run and is safe to drive — there are no “as is” purchases of automobiles in West Virginia. Most vehicles are also sold with express warranties also that provide further promises that the dealer or manufacturer will repair the vehicle. In addition to breach of warranty claims, any of the following can constitute auto sales fraud in our state:

  • Failing to disclose a vehicle’s accident history
  • Failing to disclose previous damage
  • Failing to disclose the vehicle’s full repair history
  • Selling a vehicle with significant mechanical problems
  • Failing to disclose if a vehicle had been used as a rental or fleet vehicle
  • Unlawfully rolling back the odometer
  • Misrepresenting a vehicle as a “demo,” “executive” or “factory” car
  • Stating that a vehicle is in “good” or “excellent” condition when it is not
  • Selling used car parts as new
  • Charging for unnecessary labor
  • Creating fraudulent diagnostics on a vehicle
  • Failing to repair a vehicle in an adequate and safe manner
  • Using deceptive bait and switch sales tactics
  • Adding undisclosed charges to auto loans for unnecessary products or services
  • Misrepresenting or failing to disclose the true coverage of an extended warranty
  • Inflating profits through improper credit and disability insurance

These deceptive auto sales practices only hurt consumers, some of whom may have few options when it comes to the vehicle they can purchase. Many more may not realize that they can take legal action against car dealers and mechanics who commit auto sales fraud.

Lemon Laundering And Your Legal Rights

Sometimes, vehicles that were determined to be “lemons” and repurchased from the original buyer pursuant to state laws are resold to subsequent consumers without fully disclosing the vehicle’s lemon buyback status. This practice, called “lemon laundering,” not only cheats the consumer, but often puts unsound and potentially dangerous vehicles on the highways of our state.

At The Grubb Law Group, attorneys David L. Grubb and Kristina Thomas Whiteaker are known for their extensive experience with consumer protection law and passion for justice. Our lawyers have extensive experience defending the rights of individuals and members of class actions. We even won a major class action settlement involving a car dealer’s unlawful practice of hiding balloon payment terms in his vehicle purchase financing contracts.

Put Your Case In Our Capable Hands

Whether your automobile fraud problem relates to the condition of your vehicle or the terms of your financing, we can investigate and work toward resolving your claim. We will work with mechanical and engineering experts, and financial professionals who can explain to a jury just how you got cheated.

At The Grubb Law Group, we will put more than 50 years of combined legal experience to work for you. We will be with you every step of the way, explaining your rights, leading you through the legal process, looking out for your best interests and advising you on the best course of action in your case.

For more information about your consumer protection rights or to discuss the details of your particular situation, contact The Grubb Law Group in Charleston. Initial consultations are always free and can be set up by calling 304-982-7755 or sending us an email online.

If your rights were violated by an employer or company, we want to hear about it. Our friendly staff and team of attorneys will treat you with respect, listen to your story and lay out all available options. Whether it’s better to settle out of court or take matters before a judge, you can rest assured knowing we will only do what’s in your best interests.