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When Deceptive Credit Sales Leave You In The Lurch, Turn To Our Firm

Among the most regulated transactions in the American economy are consumer credit sales and home mortgages. Restrictions at both the state and federal level determine how certain companies conduct business, including debt collection agencies, mortgage lenders, credit reporting companies and retailers, just to name a few. Among many things, these restrictions prohibit car dealerships, retailers, banks and other credit institutions from engaging in any practices that intentionally or unintentionally mislead or deceive consumers.

Despite the presence of these laws, however, consumer complaints regarding fraudulent credit practices are not uncommon in West Virginia. The lawyers at The Grubb Law Group have handled individual fraud claims as well as a large class action case involving a retail jeweler that engaged in illegal consumer credit practices. We know banks and other businesses engage in fraudulent credit practices because we’ve held them accountable for their deceptive acts. We can do the same for you.

If unlawful or deceptive credit practices caused you to suffer financially, you may have a legal case to obtain restitution. Contact us, The Grubb Law Group, to schedule a free initial consultation where you can discuss your case with a skilled, experienced consumer protection attorney.

There Isn’t A Credit Fraud Claim We Don’t Handle

For more than 50 combined years, attorneys David L. Grubb and Kristina Thomas Whiteaker have made it their mission to stand up for consumers’ rights throughout West Virginia. Our firm proudly fights for the “little guy,” making sure your rights and best interests are protected from big corporations who conduct business in a deceptive or fraudulent manner.

We have an extensive understanding of federal and West Virginia statutes regulating consumer lending practices and experience handling fraud claims in court. Our firm represents clients in individual claims as well as part of class actions regarding, but not limited to:

  • Loan packing — A deceptive credit practice in which a lender may fraudulently charge a borrower for services they didn’t request, or make a borrower believe they need to purchase credit insurance in order to qualify.
  • Fraudulent insurance practices — Such as an insurer inflating the cost of insurance, then pocketing the added cost.
  • Deal packing — Complaints typically concern deceptive auto sales tactics in which a dealer inflates the cost of a vehicle then offers “freebies” that seem like the consumer is getting a deal but they are actually paying for with the inflated cost.
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act violations — Including but not limited to confusing one person’s credit history with yours, failing to report the discharge of debt in bankruptcy, misstating the balance due on a mortgage or other loan, intentionally logging payments as late when they were on time.
  • Predatory lending practices — Including but not limited to mortgage flipping, inflating fees and charges, changing the terms of a loan after making the initial offer, or failing to disclose balloon mortgages.
  • Violations of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act — Such as failure to disclose important financial information regarding a residential or commercial real estate property, or abusive servicing of a home loan.
  • Federal Truth in Lending Act violations — Can include, but are not limited to failing to disclose the true risks associated with a particular loan, conducting unfair billing practices, misrepresenting a loan or engaging in aggressive, high-pressure sales.
  • Unfair debt collection practices — Among other things, this includes making harassing or threatening collection calls, making false statements about you or in regards to your debt, telling you that you will be arrested for failing to payback your debt, or charging you additional fees when collecting a debt.
  • Mobile home warranty issues — This can include things like inflating warranties to include additional features or products the homeowner doesn’t want, falsifying loan application information, and failing to disclose manufacturer defects.

Put Our Experience, Skill And Passion To The Test

Our state has a powerful credit practices statute in the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act, which in many situations goes beyond federal law in protecting the interests of consumers and borrowers. Our attorneys are not only familiar with this law, they have considerable experience applying it to countless consumer and credit fraud claims. We have dedicated our careers to standing up for the little guy; now let us do the same for you.

For additional information about resolving your own problems with unfair credit practices, contact The Grubb Law Group, in Charleston. To schedule a no-obligation, free initial consultation, call 304-982-7755 or send us a message online.

If your rights were violated by an employer or company, we want to hear about it. Our friendly staff and team of attorneys will treat you with respect, listen to your story and lay out all available options. Whether it’s better to settle out of court or take matters before a judge, you can rest assured knowing we will only do what’s in your best interests.