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When detective work fails to turn up bad auto history

The West Virginia lemon law, a type of consumer protection specific to the auto industry, exists to hold manufacturers responsible for the warranties they issue. The concept is that, with these protections in place, the cars you buy are more likely to be free of major defects. However, from our work with this area of the law at the Grubb Law Group, we know that our clients are more likely to be concerned with getting back on the road than they are with high ideals of consumer rights. 

Detailing the different types of warranties

When shopping for a new (or used) car in Charleston, one element that you do not want to overlook are its warranty protections. Often, the expense of the warranty will be included in the purchase price; other times it may be purchased separate. Having it in place can certainly offer added piece of mind beyond knowing that repair and maintenance costs on your new vehicle will be covered. As several of those that we here at The Grubb Law Group have worked with can attest to, it is your vehicle's warranty that secures your consumer protection. 

What can you recover under the state's lemon law?

Few things may be more exciting than purchasing a new car from any one of Charleston's many dealerships. That new car smell you enjoy as you drive your vehicle home serves as a confirmation that your days of worrying about car troubles are over. Perhaps that is why it is so disheartening when issues do immediately begin to arise with a new vehicle. Your warranty protection ensures that such issues should be addressed by the dealership (or its agents) at no unreasonable additional cost to you. Yet you may find that service technicians are not miracle workers. 

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