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What are the different recall categories?

Every time you buy food from your local grocery store or pick up a prescription medication from your pharmacist in Charleston, you do so assuming that the products you are purchasing are completely safe for use and consumption. When defective or dangerous products are identified, you likely sleep soundly knowing that regulatory agencies are out there to recall said products. Yet when news is released regarding product recalls, it often designates a recall classification. What do those classifications mean, and should they serve as an indication as to the urgency of the recall? 

Do In-App Purchases Target Kids?

It seems that everyone has a smartphone these days, including kids. Even if your child is too young for a phone of their own chances are you make yours available to play games and watch videos. This practice can become expensive however if your child ends up purchasing in-game items, which is a lot easier than you would think. In fact, in 2016 a federal court ruled that one tech retailer was culpable for the purchases made by kids using their parents’ credit card information.

How can I prevent being scammed over the phone?

There always seems to be someone out there who is trying to get money in an illegal way. Phone scammers fit into that group, and they are becoming very prevalent. Some are quite clever, making it difficult to actually know you are being scammed. Nobody in West Virginia should be taken advantage of by these phone scammers, so here's a look at some things you can do avoid falling for their tricks.

Do mechanics really overcharge women?

There is a perception or stereotype as the case may be, that mechanics tend to overcharge women because many typically don’t know or understand as much about cars as the average man. In America’s male-dominated car culture, it could very well be true for some vehicle repair garages. If you are a woman, there are several things you can do to help level the playing field when you are in the market for a mechanic.

Protecting consumer rights

There can be times when consumers in West Virginia may feel like they don't matter to companies. Whether it be poor customer service or unethical practices, the individual consumer may all too often be left wondering what they can do to protect themselves in the face of businesses big and small. When this happens, people will realize the importance of having documentation like keeping receipts.

Spotting car sales fraud

For a large majority of West Virginians, vehicles are an essential part of everyday life. A reliable, efficient ride is part of that equation. Discovering that fraud has occurred during a purchase can certainly make for a frustrating experience, but when it comes to such dishonest transactions, the law protects consumers. Below are some automobile buying smarts that can help buyers avoid those difficult situations.

Taking a closer look at date labels on food products

If there is one product that everyone in Charleston needs, it is food. As such, you would think that legislators would do all that they can to ensure the products you buy at the grocery store are safe for consumption. If asked to identify the most apparent food quality safeguards mandated by law, you (like many others) might first guess expiration dates. Yet we at The Grubb Law Group are here to tell you that not everything you associate with quality is required by law. 

Consumer protection laws in force

Everyone wants to look their best, whether you live here in West Virginia or in New York, and cosmetics offer tools to enhance your features. But is that all that consumers are buying? Although the amount differs by a few billion depending on which analyst is writing, nobody estimates the value of the beauty industry at less than $400 billion each year—and that is just for skincare and make-up. That means a lot of women are buying a lot of cosmetics, and the claims they make as well.

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