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Victims of voyeur join together in class action lawsuit

Most in Charleston might assume civil lawsuits to be limited to disputes between two parties. There are, however, many times when multiple people, organizations or entities might be involved in a single action. When a single plaintiff initiates action against multiple defendants, those defendants are typically grouped together in a single lawsuit. However, in cases where a large number of people have a common claim against a single entity, the court may consider a class action. This may save time, many and resources from being expended on multiple cases that all have the same objective, and it ensures that all of those involved are equally represented. 

What are Cy Pres awards?

If you are involved in a class action in Charleston, then you will quickly find that one of the main advantages to this litigation method is the support you have from fellow class members. However, that advantage can easily turn to the point of contention when it comes to distributing the settlement that comes from such an action. All too often, class members fall victim to the proverbial "Goldilocks Syndrome," claiming their portion of the award is too small while pointing out that those of others are too big. Given your stake in your class action, you will want to know the exact details of the settlement distribution. 

Qualifying as a class

People in Charleston may often hear stories on the local news or other media outlets detailing class action lawsuits. While many may understand that a class action is one that represents multiple plaintiffs, they may know nothing more than that. Yet such litigation can be quite common (indeed, according to the Stanford Law School, over $95 billion has been paid out in class action settlements since 1996). If and when one has a grievance, it may helpful to know that not only may he or she not be alone in that grievance, but that there is indeed a way to seek collective action against the party responsible for it. 

Storage tank malfunction in fertility clinic prompts lawsuit

When asked what constitutes a class action lawsuit, most in Charleston would correctly cite the fact that such action involves multiple plaintiffs pursuing a similar claim against a single defendant. That may be the reason why many are confused when such actions are initiated by a single person. In the case of a class action, every plaintiff need not be present during court proceedings. The purpose of this type of action, in fact, is to save them from having to go through all the rigors required with a traditional lawsuit. A single representative is chosen to represent the class, and it is that person that becomes the face and voice of that group during proceedings. 

Benefits of a class action lawsuit

If you have suffered an injury because of a design flaw in a product, you are probably not the only one who had that experience. In fact, faulty products often harm many people before the manufacturer is willing to issue a recall. At The Grubb Law Group, we often provide legal services to groups of people who have sustained similar damages because of a single company's negligence.

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