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You may want to consider suing your online gambling app

| Mar 27, 2020 | Class Actions

Several lawsuits have been filed against several free online mobile casino game companies in recent weeks. The plaintiffs in many of these class-action lawsuits argue that these companies’ marketing tactics prey upon individuals who are struggling with gambling additions.

The casino apps that are most tempting to individuals because they’re often free to download. The developers of these mobile apps often initially give new users some free tokens to play. If they run out, then their advertisements start running. These encourage players to come back and play. These are readily connected with the user’s credit card, making it easy for them to make a costly purchase simply with the click of a single button.

If a user tries to cash out their virtual coins and take home their winnings, they’re often inundated with various promotions. The same happens if a user takes time off from using the app or notifies the developer that they want to close out their account.

Many plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits in recent months argue that these apps are too hard to break free from and that it’s fueling their addition to them.

Some of the earliest lawsuits against the developers of these apps have been filed in Washington state during the past few months. Many advocates have called for their lawmakers to step up and better regulate the companies operating in this industry. Those same individuals would like to see these sites bar anyone under the age of 21 from using their products.

The way that some of the most addictive games work is by reeling in new players by promising them an opportunity to play for free. It’s soon thereafter that they’re asking them to purchase loot boxes that afford them more plays. This is what is hardest for them to break free from.

Several class-action lawsuits have been filed against the developers of these games for deceptive marketing, engaging in unfair trade practices and for other reasons in recent months. If you believe that you’ve been preyed upon by one of these online gambling companies here in Charleston, then an attorney can help you explore the different legal remedies available to you in your West Virginia case. Let a lawyer who is experienced in helping groups of people seek justice after an injustice help you in your case.

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