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What happens to lemon cars when you sell them back?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2020 | Lemon Law

If you’ve ever known anyone who has purchased a new car that’s been nothing but trouble, then they’ve likely had a lemon on their hands. Car dealers and manufacturers will often buy back a vehicle that appears to be beyond repair.

This may make you wonder what happens with a car once the dealer or car maker takes the automobile back. They are often returned right back to the lot for the next person to buy.

Sellers can do this undetected because no red flag designation is placed on an automobile’s title when lemon cars are bought back by dealers. Carfax reports often show that a vehicle was a “Manufacturer Repurchase” instead. Many consumers may assume that this simply means that a car was pre-owned. This results in many unsuspecting buyers ending up with recycled lemon cars.

Some states have laws that require dealers or manufacturers to disclose to sellers that a car was previously returned for being a lemon. Other states have laws that prohibit manufacturers and car dealers from putting lemon cars back on their lots.

Individuals who suspect that they have a lemon on their hands must take it in for repairs several times before they can request a manufacturer or dealer to buy it back.

Time is of the essence when you have a lemon car. You must generally initiate any repairs or request a buyback within the first few months that you own your vehicle. You may only be able to have a limited amount of miles on your vehicle to be eligible to return it as well. A lemon law attorney in Charleston can help you sort out what the requirements are here in West Virginia.

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