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West Virginia’s attorney general warns of a Social Security scam

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2019 | Consumer Protection

West Virginia’s attorney general (AG) issued a public warning to state residents to be on the lookout for the latest Social Security (SS) scam earlier this week. He pointed out that many individuals have been receiving calls from individuals purporting to be calling from the attorney general’s office in recent weeks. The caller requests the target individual’s Social Security number (SSN) once they get them on the phone.

The AG pointed out that his office has received several dozen reports from West Virginians who have fielded such calls just this week alone. The caller reportedly tells their unsuspecting target that they’ve uncovered fraudulent activity and that they’ve going to deny their SS benefits when they call. The caller then requests their target’s SSN saying that they’re going to verify it against their records. This is all a hoax as they don’t have the number in the first place. The caller threatens to pursue legal action if the target doesn’t readily turn that information over to them.

West Virginia’s AG noted that anyone who receives such a call should take pause, take a deep breath and disconnect the call. The recipient should then call the police.

The AG points out that on the rare occasion that the Social Security Administration (SSA) did contact you, they wouldn’t simply request your full SS number as the scammers have been doing. He pointed out that most of their correspondence is done by mail or in-person at their office, not via unsolicited phone or email.

While you may be alarmed and concerned if you receive a call from the attorney general’s office or you’re told that your monthly benefits may be taken away, things can get worse. An individual who gains access to your SSN can steal your identity. You may have credit cards or utilities opened up in your name and be left destitute as a result. A consumer protection attorney here in Charleston can help you protect your rights if you’ve been taken advantage of by a scammer here in West Virginia.

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