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Worker alleges wrongful termination stemming from complaints

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Employment Law - Employees

While there is significant importance focused on adequate training for workers in West Virginia and properly educating them to adhere to company protocols, employees also have rights that should be honored. Among those rights is the ability to maintain a job free of judgment or wrongful treatment based on background, race, religion or sexual orientation. 

Unfortunately, there are still stories of people who were the victim of poor treatment from their employer because they brought to light concerns. One such circumstance involves a former worker at an Apple store in Oregon who claims his career with the company was botched early on when his complaints about racist customers ended up costing him his job. The man claims he noticed he was being treated differently because of the color of his skin early on in his employment.

After some time, he moved to Atlanta to assist in opening a new Apple store and immediately noticed a positive difference in the way he was treated and valued by both staff and customers alike. Upon returning to Oregon later on, the type of mistreatment he experienced at the start of his career began again. On one occasion, he alleges a customer pretended not to understand his explanation of a question only for it to be reiterated by a white employee after which the customer confirmed their understanding. Complaints about this incident and others led to the man’s termination. The man believes he was wrongfully terminated because of the complaints he made against racist customers and is currently filing a $750,000 lawsuit. 

If people are being treated poorly at work because they have expressed concerns or distaste for how their employer is handling an issue, an attorney may be able to provide support. With their help, people may have a more successful effort at getting compensated for the negative circumstances they experienced. 

Source: NBC News, “Ex-Apple store workers in Oregon sues, says he was fired for complaining about racist customers,” Janelle Griffith, Oct. 24, 2019 

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