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Discrimination over an employee’s pregnancy

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2019 | Employment Law - Employees

From religious discrimination to mistreatment based upon an employee’s age, there are all sorts of ways in which discrimination takes place in workplaces across the country. Some employees and job applicants do not realize that other types of discrimination are against the law as well, such as discrimination based upon an employee’s pregnancy. Someone who is pregnant may be turned down for a job in an unlawful manner, or they may be fired or subjected to unlawful discrimination while working for a company after their pregnancy became evident. Sadly, this can have a detrimental impact on an employee’s state of mind and their future, in various ways.

Those who are subjected to pregnancy discrimination may face significant emotional consequences as a result of discrimination. They may become depressed and feel hopeless, or they could lose sleep due to high levels of anxiety. Moreover, their finances may be impacted significantly. At a time when they likely want to financially prepare for their future and the ways in which their lives will change, they may face financial pressures because of a demotion or the loss of their job.

There are many challenges that those subjected to discrimination may have to deal with, especially when they are expecting a child. Discrimination can have a ripple effect throughout their family and it may have a negative impact on their lives for years to come. As a result, those who have been subjected to pregnancy discrimination deserve justice and should not hesitate to review their legal rights.

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