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Couple files class action lawsuit against MoviePass

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2019 | Class Actions

People in Charleston may often question what is the benefit of filing a class action lawsuit. Given that whatever award that may be netted from a class action must be split amongst the class participants, one might even question whether is it fiscally wiser to seek action on their own. Yet the strength of class action lawsuits lies in the commonality of their complaints. By demonstrating that multiple people have suffered the same injury (whether it be physical or financial) due to a similar cause, co-plaintiffs may be more likely to convince those hearing their cases of the validity of their claims. 

That may be the motivation behind a class action lawsuit recently filed against the company behind the once widely popular app MoviePass. The app’s initial promise was that for its over-$100 subscription fee, users would be able to see one movie per day for a year. Yet changes to the app’s terms of service reduced that promised amount to only three movies per month, and even those who stuck with the service complained of the limited availability of films and theaters they had to choose from. 

Recently, these issues prompted a New York couple to seek action. Their class action lawsuit states that they were never given a pro-rated refund after the terms of their service changed. Thus, they are accusing MoviePass of conducting a “bait and switch” scheme. Though only a single couple appears to be involved in this lawsuit, their combined complaints may still qualify them as a class. That association with collective action could lend greater validity to their case. Those seeking similar may first want to seek out the services of an experienced attorney to review their complaints. 

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