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Debit card issues prompt class action lawsuit

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Class Actions

Class action lawsuits may allow people in Charleston (as well as throughout the country, for that matter) who have common complaints to initiate a single shared action against a defendant. Some may view the multiple nature of such lawsuits as implying that they are only available to groups with several plaintiffs. In reality, all that needs to exist is a shared grievance, even if it is only shared between two people.

Such appears to be the case with a class action lawsuit recently filed in Minnesota against the national retail chain Target. Only two plaintiffs brought forth claims in the initial filing, one being a woman from Florida and the other a man from North Carolina. Both claim that issues in using their Target-issued debit cards led them to being assessed several fees for insufficient funds. They each state that the card does not function like a standard debit card (which immediately debits the funds from an account, or puts a hold on an amount equal to that of the transaction). Rather, they authorized purchases that were not attempted to be taken out until days later when the funds where no longer there. In their lawsuit, they are claiming that Target’s advertising of the card is misleading due to the fact that its payment processing system does not allow it to function as a true debit card.

Some may question the decision of only two people to file a class action lawsuit, yet in any case where one might be able to save time, money and effort through collaboration, people should be expected to take advantage of it. Those looking to initiate their own potential class action suit may first wish to consult with an attorney.

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