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Does West Virginia have lemon laws?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Lemon Law

A “lemon” refers to a vehicle that has numerous defects, thereby making its purchase suspect. Most states have lemon laws on the books to protect consumers, and West Virginia is no exception. The Better Business Bureau explains lemon laws in this state so you can remain protected from nefarious sales’ practices.

Who is protected?

Only certain consumers receive coverage from lemon laws. A vehicle must be used for personal purposes, meaning it can’t be used for work or business needs. Buying a vehicle under warranty can also result in protection under lemon laws, as the terms of the warranty must be honored despite all that is wrong with the vehicle.

What types of issues are covered?

In order for a car to be considered a lemon, the defect or problem must be substantial. In this case, it must impact the operation or the value of the vehicle. It must also have occurred because of a manufacturing defect or problem at the dealership. If the issue was caused by the owner of the vehicle or occurred through normal wear, it won’t be considered defective.

How long do I have to file a claim?

You have one year to file a claim after the vehicle’s warranty is expired. However, there is no time limit once the claim is filed, no matter how long it takes the matter to be resolved. The dealer may need to show that it made reasonable attempts to fix a vehicle, at which point it may be decided that the vehicle must be replaced or repurchased from the owner. In most cases, a third party will be called to handle dispute resolution.

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