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Defending the rights of minimum wage workers

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2018 | Employment Law - Employees

Sometimes, when people hear of an employment law case, it involves employees with a sizeable salary or high-profile position. However, the rights of all workers deserve to be respected, regardless of how much they earn or the industry they are employed in. Unfortunately, some minimum wage workers’ rights are violated and many may feel as if they are voiceless or they have no legal options. Moreover, some may not be aware of their legal rights and they may fail to take action against an employer who has completely disregarded their rights.

From sexual harassment to discrimination and the non-payment of wages, there are many different ways in which the rights of minimum wage employees are violated. In fact, some may not even be paid minimum wage, which is unacceptable. An employer may refuse to pay someone wages they are owed because they quit (which may have been brought on by the constant violation of their rights). Or, a minimum wage worker may be asked to work while off the clock or denied the overtime that they are owed. All of these rights violations should not be tolerated and we believe that employers who show no regard for the rights of their workers should be held answerable.

Regrettably, these abuses take place on a daily basis and make the lives of workers across all fields incredibly challenging. Some are afraid to speak up because of retaliation while others do not even know that the law protects them from certain forms of employee mistreatment.

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