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How information about a class action suit is communicated

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Class Actions

If the magnitude of an injury toward a specific class of people reaches a point where it is not feasible for all the members of the class to file their own lawsuits, a court will allow the attorneys, evidence, defendants and witnesses to be consolidated into a single class action suit. Once this step is achieved, FindLaw explains that Charleston attorneys are free to notify other members of the affected class that the class action has begun. These notifications are meant to tell other members of the afflicted class that they can participate in the suit.

The prospect that every class member will be reached is very low. Still, through good faith uses of media, many class members can be informed. You can usually expect to hear about a class action suit through an advertisement on television. You might also learn about class actions through newspaper or magazine advertisements. Some attorneys will also distribute printed flyers.

A reputable notice of class action will, according to the Cornell Law School, include several components of information. These details must be communicated in language that people can easily comprehend, without confusing jargon. The notification should include the nature of the class action to be initiated and the class that will be affected by the result. It is important that members of the affected class know that they are the ones with a grievance as well as what that grievance is.

The class action notification should also let class members know that they can become a part of the suit by contacting an attorney if they so wish. This is known as “opting in.” However, the class action notice should also provide information on requesting an exclusion from the case, or “opting out.”

Other provided information should include the following:

  • the claims made by the class
  • the issues at hand in the case
  • information on the possible remedy to class members

Involvement in a class action suit can bestow remedies stemming from any number of offenses, from workplace discrimination to defective products to faulty advertising. If you are part of an affected class and see a class action advertisement that fulfills the criteria of properly notifying you, consider contacting an experienced class action attorney to learn more about how the class action affects you.

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