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How can I prevent being scammed over the phone?

There always seems to be someone out there who is trying to get money in an illegal way. Phone scammers fit into that group, and they are becoming very prevalent. Some are quite clever, making it difficult to actually know you are being scammed. Nobody in West Virginia should be taken advantage of by these phone scammers, so here's a look at some things you can do avoid falling for their tricks.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, your first step should be to join the Do Not Call list. While this will not stop scammers from calling you, it does offer some protection and may stop some of them from calling. Plus, you will know any unsolicited call is most likely a scammer.

You also need to be aware of the typical signs a call is a scam. This includes telling you that you have won something when you don't remember ever having entered a contest. They also are very urgent and pushy. They may refuse to provide more information or tell you that if you do not act now that you will lose out. They may also threaten you and say they will send law enforcement to your door.

When you get a call, you should ask questions and gather information before ever giving out any information on yourself or confirming information they may have about you. Get the company name and contact information. Never make a decision right away either. Get a number to call them back after you have checked them out. Many times, this simple move will immediately expose them as a scammer because they will hang up. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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