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Detailing the different types of warranties

by | May 9, 2018 | Lemon Law

When shopping for a new (or used) car in Charleston, one element that you do not want to overlook are its warranty protections. Often, the expense of the warranty will be included in the purchase price; other times it may be purchased separate. Having it in place can certainly offer added piece of mind beyond knowing that repair and maintenance costs on your new vehicle will be covered. As several of those that we here at The Grubb Law Group have worked with can attest to, it is your vehicle’s warranty that secures your consumer protection. 

There are two separate types of warranties: express and implied. Express warranties are those that are clearly defined. An example may be an agreement to for a dealership to cover all routine maintenance costs on your car for the first 50,000 miles that you own it. Typically, express warranties are written. They can, however, be verbal as well, such as when a dealer promises you protection using language similar that used in the previous example.  

Implied warranties are protections offered when a product does not work as claimed. If your car does not function as well as advertised (and your purchasing agreement did not stipulate that you were buying the vehicle “as is”), then that may be a violation of an implied warranty. 

Why should this matter to you? Per West Virginia’s Lemon Law, its protections are only afforded when violations of a vehicle’s express warranty occur. The state’s Consumer Credit and Protection Act defines “express warranty” as the written agreement you have with your dealer. Knowing this, you will want to ensure that you walk away from your purchase with a written warranty.

You can learn more about the rights granted to you by the state’s Lemon Law by continuing to explore our site. 

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