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Many West Virginia homeowners live in manufactured or prefabricated housing or mobile homes. While they can provide comfortable and affordable solutions to our housing needs, they can also present major problems due to manufacturing defects, improper installation, or structural flaws that can develop in transit. If you have a problem with the design or performance of your mobile home, contact the West Virginia mobile home warranty attorneys at The Grubb Law Group.

Manufacturing defects are often responsible for problems with the heat ducts, plumbing, or electrical systems in your mobile home. We use expert witnesses to thoroughly analyze the performance of your home's manufactured systems to identify the most likely cause for the failure or unsatisfactory performance of any of them.

Other problems, such as heat loss or moisture leaks due to poorly aligned windows, cracks in the walls or roof, or uneven floors are often caused by negligent installation or careless delivery over our mountain roads. When we represent mobile home owners to recover their damages for mobile home problems, we make sure that all the proper defendants are named in the suit. When both the manufacturer and seller are named as defendants, we are reasonably sure that the responsible party will be held accountable. Eventually, most of the fingers usually point in the same direction, and a satisfactory settlement can be achieved.

When we need to take these cases to trial, however, we're fully prepared.  Charleston mobile home liability attorney Kristina Whiteaker is a strong advocate for consumer rights.  Since joining The Grubb Law Group in 2004, she has tried and won or settled many mobile home warranty claims.

If you have encountered construction or installation problems with your mobile home, contact the West Virginia mobile home warranty lawyers at The Grubb Law Group in Charleston.

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