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Our background in public service, especially on West Virginia consumer protection issues, makes class action litigation a natural fit for The Grubb Law Group. In most consumer fraud or employment claims, there's no way of knowing that many people have been injured or cheated in the same way by the same defendant until we start investigating the claim. When it then appears that the number of people with claims similar to yours is large enough to justify asking a judge to certify the case as a class action lawsuit, we'll discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of proceeding with a class action.

The class action attorneys of The Grubb Law Group will represent you in an ethical and professional manner. Too often, class action plaintiffs recover discount coupons or other meaningless tokens from defendants whose liability has been established prior to trial, because the settlement emphasizes fees for the plaintiff's attorneys. Having dedicated our careers to consumer protection and workers' rights before we entered private practice, we're not about to change our values now that we're in our professional prime. We work hard to make sure that all class members, including the lead plaintiffs, come out of the litigation with a meaningful recovery on the claim.

We pursue class actions in the following kinds of cases:

When you retain us to represent you on a consumer claim or employment issue, we'll be glad to discuss with you the possibility of pursuing class action relief on behalf of hundreds or thousands of your fellow West Virginians. It won't reduce your recovery, and it will provide an important service for many of your neighbors and fellow citizens.

For more information about our experience and success with class action lawsuits in consumer protection and employee rights litigation, contact the West Virginia class action attorneys at The Grubb Law Group.

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