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If you've been sold a car or other vehicle in an unfair, deceptive, or misleading manner in West Virginia, contact the experienced Charleston car dealer fraud lawyers at The Grubb Law Group. All auto sales in this state have either an express or an implied warranty that the car will run and is safe to drive - there are no "as is" purchases of automobiles in West Virginia.

Auto dealer fraud in West Virginia can take any of several forms. Many cars and trucks that were damaged in floods, tornadoes, or serious accidents are resold to consumers without being properly repaired and without disclosing the vehicle's prior history. Sometimes, vehicles that were determined to be "lemons" and repurchased from the original buyer pursuant to state laws are re-sold to subsequent consumers without fully disclosing the vehicle's lemon buyback status. This practice, called "lemon laundering", not only cheats the consumer but often puts unsound and potentially dangerous vehicles on the highways of our state.

Other examples of auto dealer fraud include failing to disclose (or fraudulently concealing) the fact that a vehicle was previously used as a rental vehicle, rolling back the odometer, misrepresenting a vehicle as a "demo," "executive," or "factory" car, and stating that a vehicle is in "good" or "excellent" condition (when it is not).

We also handle auto repair fraud problems. Used parts sold as new, unnecessary labor, fraudulent diagnostics, and incompetent workmanship can all occur in the car repair industry, and our attorneys have extensive experience working with the mechanical and engineering experts who can explain to a jury just how you got cheated.

Our West Virginia auto loan fraud attorneys won a major class action settlement involving a car dealer's unlawful practice of hiding balloon payment terms in his vehicle purchase financing contracts. Some auto dealers also use improper credit insurance and disability insurance terms in their sales agreements to inflate their profits at your expense.

Whether your automobile fraud problem relates to the condition of your vehicle or the terms of your financing, we can investigate and work toward resolving your claim. For further information and a discussion of the details of your particular situation, contact the motor vehicle fraud lawyers at The Grubb Law Group in Charleston.

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